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Cryo T-Shock 
Body Sculpting

The Cryo T-Shock is a non-invasive and painless approach to tighten crepey or loose skin, reduce cellulite, and treat localized fat on the abdomen, arms, glutes, and legs.  Alternating hot and cold temperatures delivers a thermal shock. Each session begins with a warming phase followed by rapid cooling.  The combined effect literally "shocks" the cells which has a far more profound effect on the results versus only using warm or cold.  Temperatures are pleasant and not painful.

Cryo Facials

Cryo thermal shock helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. The anti-aging facial helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, and will leave your skin soft and glowing.  Facials can help improve the appearance of your complexion while decreasing acne inflammation and color of blemishes. Optimal results achieved after 5 sessions spaced 2-3 days apart.

*Contraindications: No botox within 2 weeks; No fillers within 4 weeks

Cryo Facials $99
Package of 5 for $450


Chin, Neck, and Chest

Cryo thermal shock helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. Treating the chin, neck, and chest can help tighten loose skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Optimal results achieved after 5 sessions spaced 2-3 days apart.

Chin & Neck $169
Package of 5 for $750

Chest $169
Package of 5 for $750

Cryo Toning

Cryo thermal shock helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. These sessions can help tighten loose or hanging skin.

Optimal results achieved after 10 sessions spaced 1 week apart.

Cryo Toning & Tightening $249
Package of 5 for $1,199
Package of 10 for $2,100

Cryo Cellulite Reduction

Cryo Fat Reduction

The T-Shock cellulite treatments are multidimensional and can produce a low level fat reduction, reduce edema,
increase circulation and improve the blood and fluid flow to the area. This happens in part because cryostimulation cools the surface of the skin very rapidly. The body reacts to this extreme cold by turning up its metabolic rate to produce heat. The blood vessels in the area widen, leading to an increase in blood flow, allowing the hormones in the blood to reach the fat cells and break down the fat. This also improves lymphatic drainage in the area. The T-Shock stimulates the connective and fatty tissue to soften them and make them less fibrous. The thermal shock action delivered by the wand shocks the cells to stimulate natural fat release and firm skin to give it back its tonality and a dimple-free aspect.

Optimal results in 10 sessions spaced out every 2 weeks.

Cryo Cellulite 
Package of 5 $1,500
Package of 10 $2,500

Thermal shock to reduce fat:
Thermal Shock is a science where warm and cold are used and applied directly to the client’s skin. When thermal shock is used to reduce fat we should consider that subcutaneous fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissue. Exposure to cooling causes fat cell apoptosis – a natural, controlled cell death, which leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate the affected cells. Inflammatory cells gradually digest the affected fat cells in the weeks after the procedure, reducing the thickness of the fat layer. A natural process from this procedure is the lipids from the fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated.

Optimal results in 10 sessions spaced out every 2 weeks.

Cryo Fat Reduction 
Package of 5 for $1,500
Package of 10 for $2,500

For Best Cryo Results

  • Avoid exercise directly before a session. It will be harder to cool the body down and complete the session effectively.

  • Do not eat sugar 2 hours before and after the session (including breads and grains).

  • The lymphatic system takes 15 days to complete an entire cycle. Results will improve over the 2 weeks following the session. Additional slimming sessions can be completed 2 weeks after a treatment.

  • For best results, maintain the best possible diet and lifestyle to accompany the treatment (drink plenty of water).

Following Each Fat Removal or Cellulite Treatment

For Fat Removal and Cellulite treatments to be successful it is essential that the client take steps to facilitate lymphatic drainage following each session.

  • Several methods to fulfill this requirement:

  • A vigorous 30 minute aerobic workout within 4 to 6 hours after the treatment (the same day as the treatment)

  • 30 minutes of compression such as a Metrum BOA compression suite for lymphatic drainage on the body

  • 10 minutes on a vibration plate using the lymphatic drainage setting

  • Red light therapy or dry heat sauna (use as directed for treatment)

  • A lymphatic massage

  • Dry brushing

  • Cryo T-Shock drainage

  • Note: It is important for your client to be an active participant. If the BMI is above 24.9, they should be following a weight reduction diet and on a regular exercise program. If they are consuming more calories than being burned in a day, it is possible to gain weight during treatments. If the client has a BMI of below 24.9 and does not need to lose weight they should be on a maintenance diet during treatments with a regular exercise program to support lymphatic drainage.


  •  Kidney disease

  • Active cancer or active chemotherapy or chemotherapy within the last 12 months

  • Pregnancy

  • Dialysis

  • Severe diabetes where sensation has been lost in the extremities or tingling occurs in the skin

  • Polyneuropathy

  • Do not treat over Varicose Veins

  • Untreated abdominal hernias

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