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  • WHAT IS THE PROCESS OF ADMINISTERING IV HYDRATION?  When you arrive for your IV treatment, you will be assessed by our Nurse Practitioner. Then an RN will assess your blood pressure & start your IV. This will be a small needle in your arm followed by a 45 minute- 1 hour administration of the drip of your choosing. 

  • Can I get an IV while pregnant? The only thing we administer to pregnant women is IV Normal Saline, unless a written order from their OB can be obtained.​

  • How often should I get IV Hydration Therapy? Everyone metabolizes fluids and vitamins at a different rate. Most people report feeling the effects for 5 days-2 weeks. People most often choose to get IV Therapy 1-2 times monthly.

  • Do you treat children under 18? We can administer certain IV therapies to 16+ with a parent present, otherwise 18+. Weight loss medications cannot be prescribed for anyone under 18.

  • How often can I get a steroid shot? If there are no other contraindications, it must be at least 6 weeks since your last dose of steroids.

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